EOV Industry Is Toward Unprecedented Market

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For the past few years, with the development of mechatronics, Electrically Operated Valve (EOV), the significant mechanical product has welcomed its unprecedented market. Apparently, EOV is more reliable and safer, and, as well as a more source-saver than traditional valve (includes manual valves and pneumatic valves). Nowadays, being environmental protection and security is increasingly needed for people in the world, thus, EOV is undoubtedly indispensable. Therefore, the demand of EOV has been asked for higher due to the tremendous marketing requirement. EOV can be used in a broad area, for example, petroleum, the chemical industry, electricity, nuclear energy, metallurgy, shipping, light industry, food, and municipal administration, etc. For the product itself, EOV is equipped with the advantages of easily assemble, low failure rate, and it conforms to the automation request in this kind of industries which can be the cost-efficient choice for dealers. If we use the general tradition pneumatic valve, there must be tubing, magnetic valve and compressor to make this work. Nevertheless, EOV uses motor drive, it is easy to be installed, furthermore, EOV work only with the control circuit from the industry, and this can economize other unnecessary cost.
Besides, it will be more smooth-going to be switched on and off by motive type of drive, no too much momentary impulsion can reduce the failure rate a lot. Petrochemical industry is mainly using the API classic brake valve, globe valve and check valve; electric power department takes high temperature brake valve from power station, globe valve, check valve, safety valve, partial low pressure butterfly valve and brake valve used for drain valve; chemical industry uses stainless steel brake valve, globe valve and check valve. metallurgical industry staple adopts low pressure heavy caliber butterfly valve, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve; city construction department uses low pressure valve, like, city tap water channel fits heavy caliber brake valve, building construction uses center line-type butterfly valve, city heat supply uses metallic seal butterfly valve, etc; pipe laying uses flat gate valve and ball valve; pharmaceutical industry and food industry use stainless steel ball valve, and so on. 
EOV is a new type of the valve industry, so it has a promising prospect, foundry enterprise should get to know more about this industry and provide casting parts to it, bring foundry enterprise up by supporting the burgeoning EOV industry, to gain fresh motive force of development. According to the transformation of market trend, EOV products have been changed in response. For instance, with the shift of petroleum exploitation that turns from mainland oilfield to offshore oilfield, the electric power industry develops thermal power from below 30 thousand into above 30 thousand into thermal power, water electricity as well as nuclear power, EOV product should also alter their property and parameters on the basis of the application domain. What’s more, a large number of EOV in low tension would be adopted for the urban construction system which becomes from environmental friendly to energy-saving type, it means that turning the low tension brake valve used previously into environmental rubber sheet valve, balance valve, metallic seal and midline seal butterflybamper, oil transportation and gas transportation project become channelization which would requires a plenty of flat gate valves and spherical valves. Power station towards to being large-scale which needs heavy caliber plus high pressure safety valve and reducing valve, meanwhile, EOV product needs to be on and off quickly; contraposed the demand of a complete engineering, EOV supply is no longer unitary but diversified. The electrically operated valve that an engineering project requires tends increasingly to receive all goods from the same manufacturers.
In the future, with constant development of science and technology in the market, EOV will make progress toward high-tech content, high parameters, strong corrosion durability, and long service life. 
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