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Event: FLUIDEXPO 2015 Guangzhou Valve & Fluid Control Technology Exhibition
Date:May 7-9, 2015
Venue: Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center
FLUIDEXPO is comprised of Fluid and Expo, which specifically refers to a fluid exposition in which transportation, control, measurement and sealing of fluid and gas products are exhibited.
Exhibits Scope
1. ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, regulating valve, control valve, check valve, globe valve, safety valve, electromagnetic valve, pressure reducing valve, throttle valve, drain valve, plug valve, plunger valve, diaphragm valve, needle valve, ceramic valve, plate valve, drain valve, exhaust valve, bellows valve, Y type valve, foot valve.
2. industrial valve, stainless steel valve, nuclear valve, power station valve, marine valve, high pressure valve, high pressure valve, water supply and drainage valve, oil valve, special valve, instrument valve, sanitary valve, vacuum insulation valve, pipeline valve, corrosion resistant valve, full welded ball valve, special valve.
3. valve actuator and valve positioners, valve position transmitter, valve switch, the valve pressure test device, the valve checking device, valve grinding machine.
4. valve body, valve seat, valve stem, valve, flange, gasket, packing, gasket, handwheel, filters, pipe joints and fittings
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