Power and Water Demands Rising Sharply in Africa

Posted: 09/12/2014 04:09:06   Edited: 09/12/2014 04:09:06  Clicks: 1576
Recently, Report of African Public Resources Market published by Frost & Sullivan points out that due to populations increasing constantly and urbanization accelerating, power and water demands rise sharply in Africa. Because of ROI (Return On Investment) cannot be ensured, African power market is usually lack of financial support and result in less power supply reliability, affordability and economic and environmental protection. In the future, insufficient African power supply will rely on the public-private partnership and intervention of international large energy corporations.
The report considers that Africa should combine traditional technology when developing intelligent PTD and intelligent electricity meter. Meanwhile, available capitals, current facilities conditions, economic development and local culture also should be taken into comprehensive consideration. Although intelligent technology can improve efficient, it still has some disadvantages, such as less demands for regulatory framework and local contents, high initial invested capitals and lacking of professional skills. The report also points out that Africa have sufficient solar energy, wind energy and renewable energy with the advantages of short cycle, low cost and fast efficiency. It is the best solution for insufficient power supply. Some African countries are planning to use newly developed gas resources to enter into the period of renewable gas and hybrid energy, without passing through conventional industrialization.
What is more, African region in northern of Sahara has huge potentials for developing hydropower which can provide electric quantity of about 1.75 quadrillion Watt. However, current exploitive extent is less than 15%. Many African countries prefer to developing hydropower resources rather than investing fossil fuels energy. The report recommends that African countries should optimize existing business mode, in compliance with stricter and stricter environmental standards and requirements for low-carbon economy. African water supply companies should use intelligent water net and other new technologies to reduce cost and improve the efficiency of water distribution system. At the same time, the price of water or energy should reflect cost of production so that earnings not only can meet the demands of operation and maintenance, but also cause enough profits for development.
Power and Water Demands Rising Sharply in Africa
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