Valve Industry in China Is Pessimistic

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In recent years, valve industry in China enters into highly developing period. The threshold in valve industry has improved. China has already become the largest Asian valve machining center and the one of the largest valve markets around the world. 
Having developed for several years, manufacturers in valve industry increase rapidly. The level of production has improved a lot and the whole valve output also increases greatly. The main valve products meet the demands in domestic market basically. Complete ratio, complete level and complete capacity also have been improved a lot. What's more, energy market in China is expanding at present. The demands for valves in petroleum, chemical engineering, power particularly nuclear power rise greatly. 
However, valve industry in China is pessimistic at present. Large numbers of valve manufacturers are impacted by home and abroad market sluggishness. Order forms drop sharply. The high level growth which has kept for several years also declines. It is estimated that market sluggishness will be continued to the next half of this year, and influence the first half of the next year. The new difficulty will spread to the whole valve industry. 
Government should enhance guidance and supports on industry transformation and update. Enterprises should not only strengthen short-term training to current employees, but also improve current human resource. Meanwhile, enterprise can introduce high-quality talents through various ways to improve intellectual capitals. Moreover, enterprises should try their efforts to regulate industrial development direction, accelerating transformation and update to meet the requirements for market development.  
Faced with such disadvantageous situation, valve industry should response actively to eliminate negative effects on valve industry brought by economic depression.  
Promoted by industrialization, urbanization, reformation and globalization, valve industry in China still has a bright prospect. In the future, high-end, domestication, modernization and digitization will become the main developing direction of valve industry. In pursuit of constant innovation, valve manufacturers can create new market.
Valve Industry in China Is Pessimistic
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